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"unable to guarantee restoration of your [cloud] content"

Well, after filing complaints with the BBB, the FCC and having a Verizon wireless executive office rep tell me, "[we] are unable to guarantee restoration of your [cloud] content." I am officially done with and will be leaving Verizon. Been a customer since 1999 and they have finally (after eliminating their original unlimited plan, their free upgrades and all other quality services) angered me enough to stick it to them as much as possible. I will be leaving Verizon for good and I will not be paying them a dime to leave their services.

Amazon loses cloud service and it is back up in less than a day. Verizon loses ALL of our data and is never getting it back.

Now that I am on Verizon's unlimited plan and I have officially been paying for services not rendered, I will be filing a claim in small claims court here in PA and will also be attempting to file a class action suit.

If you have been experiencing cloud service failure, please post in here so we can get a running list of everyone who is affected by this horrendously poor customer service.


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Re: "unable to guarantee restoration of your [cloud] content"

Tomorrow I will finally (and better) be getting a phone call from the highest possible position within Verizon customer service us plebs (customers) are able to access. It has taken me from early February, two tickets filed by me personally, two tickets filed by Verizon Wireless Executive Relations and a complaint to the BBB and the FCC to FINALLY and HOPEFULLY be getting a call from a Verizon Wireless Executive Relations Supervisor.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

Bar none, the WORST customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life.

Re: "unable to guarantee restoration of your [cloud] content"

Well, guess what, folks.


It is now 7:25PM EST and I am on the phone with executive relations again (BECAUSE I CALLED THEM) tonight, with no resolution on this issue.

Derek, the supervisor from Executive Relations was supposed to call me within 24-48 hours of Thursday and I was forced to call them trying to track him down.

What a joke this company is

Re: "unable to guarantee restoration of your [cloud] content"

I too share the same sentiments! I have been experiencing the same issues with customer service over the last several months! I want out! My husband has lost valuable information, pictures, memories, time and money over the same issue! I HAVE HAD ENOUGH! I am in Illinois and will be glad to join the class action suit!