zero pics on my cloud account
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Today i spent  3 hours trying to locate all  the photos / video that i have been paying to have backed up / stored on Verizon Cloud for 8+ years now.  I finally reached out to tech support  - they confirmed i have been paying the monthly fee for extra  storage, but shared that zero pics are backed up.  I replied that i only buy phones from authorized Verizon resellers and that i have watched them verify that my pics are backed up on the  online account before i opt in on an upgraded cell phone.  I have My Verizon App on my current phone, and also powered up my last phone and yes, the app was active on that model too.

After doing some due diligence online, i cannot determine when Verizon even started backing up customer data to include photos / video.  Is this a software bug  dating to when they twisted our arms to opt in on the paid cloud app? Does anyone have any direct contact email address to escalate this situation to ?  Locating my pics / video is the primary & singular goal / outcome hope.