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Our Verizon vs. Verizon Awards spot celebrates our undisputed network superiority and reliability.



By: Dave Boerger

When you’re the best at what you do, and you’ve been the best for a long time, you no longer compete with other competitors. You enter your own league.

A league of one.

Perhaps NBA legend Michael Jordan said it best: “Every day I demand more from myself than anybody else could humanly expect. I’m not competing with somebody else. I’m competing with what I’m capable of.”

Here at Verizon, we can relate.

In our latest spot “Verizon vs. Verizon Awards,” which will premiere during a high-profile moment of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, we show how our hard work, commitment and passion continually set the standards for network superiority and reliability.

The evidence is clear. In August, we were named ‘America’s most awarded network,’ receiving ‘Most awarded for network quality’ for the 25th time in a row by J.D. Power and ‘Best network in America’ for the 14th time in a row by RootMetrics. And, for the first time from Opensignal, the incredible performance of our 5G Ultra Wideband network was named ‘The fastest 5G in the world.’

Our high standards drive everything we do. They are part of our past and a critical part of our future network leadership as we expand 5G.

Stay tuned. Much will change in the coming months and years, but you can count on us to continue to listen, innovate, test and push ourselves to improve our best-in-class service.

As the new ad states so elegantly, “we have a network built right, not to win awards, but a network that wins awards because it’s built right.”

About this Author: Dave Boerger is a part of the Verizon Corporate Communications team and a regular contributor to Up To Speed. He's a recovering marketer and sitcom writer.