Back to school: Devices for keeping in contact and enhancing the learning experience

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As back-to-school time approaches, this week we are taking a look at devices that can help young students enhance their learning experience and continue education at home.  Check out these devices and tell us how you’re using wireless technology for your family in the comments below!


Gizmo Watch 3gizmo watch 3.png

The Gizmo Watch 3 is a fantastic starter device for young children that not only helps you stay in touch with them with calling and messaging, but also has timers and alarms to help your child stay on track with homework and household chores.  The Gizmo Watch 3 helps introduce children to wireless technology safely by not allowing any outside apps to be installed.  The GizmoHub app, which you can install on your smartphone, helps to manage usage.  For families with multiple children, there is now a promotion where you can get a second Gizmo Watch 3 for only $100!



Tablets such as the iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab use natural gestures for interaction and control, which makes them accessible for young users.  Both of these tablets have built-in parental controls for you to configure to keep your child safe online.


Smart Speakers

For everything from helping students work their way through math problems to promoting a set structure and study reminders, smart speakers are an under-utilized tool for young learners.  Smart speakers are engaging while not adding to a child’s screen time allowing them to ask questions instead of using a search anding and apps for stories and podcasts while winding down for bedtime.  They can even assist with learning a new language!  Consider changing the activation word periodically to help control usage - the JBL Link Music Compact Smart Speaker can achieve this using Google Assistant

Which devices are you using in your household and how are you tailoring them for an educational experience?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Article originally posted on Verizon News Center: A parent's guide for back-to-school tech for kids