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Our jaw-dropping 5G Pro Bowl experience and a speed test shocker: T-Mobile’s 5G vs Verizon 4G LTE.



This year’s Pro Bowl, NFL’s all-star game, took place in Orlando, FL, last Sunday. But 200 miles south in Miami, fans at the Verizon 5G Stadium experienced it like no one else.

We live-streamed a unique 360-degree view of the game in 8K over our 5G connection. This is the first time in history a game like this has been delivered this way - another first for Verizon. The immersive experience transported viewers in the Verizon 5G Stadium onto the Pro Bowl field in Orlando, while showcasing future potential applications for 5G.

“Watching the video stream inside the dome over our 5G network was very cool because you are immersed in the technology,” said Danny Driggers, Verizon engineer. “You feel like you’re there. You can feel every bit of it. It’s absolutely the future.”

“We are tremendously excited and proud to be part of this team that was the first ever to deliver 8k content over 5G,” said Verizon engineer Arleny Valle. “Not only that, we had actual players sit with us and comment about how groundbreaking this truly is and how they would love to bring that content home with them.”

A shocking speed test result

We put T Mobile’s 5G network to the test - an actual speed test - against our 4G LTE network.

That’s right, their 5G vs. our 4G LTE. It shouldn’t be close and it wasn’t.

The result?

Our 4G LTE network blew T-Mobile’s 5G away, showing once again that you can call your network whatever you want, but only our Verizon 5G network is truly built right. That’s how we’re offering best-in-class 5G fan experiences in cities across the country.

That includes Miami, the host of this year’s Super Bowl, where customers with 5G-capable smartphones can access our 5G Ultra Wideband network in places like Hard Rock Stadium, Miami’s Bayfront Park, as well as around airports and parts of downtown. For the first time, customers will be able to access a 5G network with a commercially available 5G device inside the stadium during the Super Bowl.

The lesson here? 5G? 4G? Worry less about the number and more about the carrier.