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This week on the Community Blog, we’ll be featuring some of our best recent discussions.  Check out what has the Community buzzing and jump into the conversation!


iPhones and group SMS/MMS - We all know that when iPhones and other devices meet in a group text, things can be finicky.  If you’re experiencing any group text issues with your iPhone, try this quick fix in My Verizon.


Voicemail delays - If you ever have an issue accessing your visual voicemail on your iPhone or other smartphone device, there’s a workaround that can keep you in contact with those who matter most!  Did you know that you can always access your voicemail ‘the old-fashioned way” by dialing *86?


Chewed through wires - If you’re ever having connectivity issues and are having a hard time troubleshooting it can be easy to panic.  Sometimes, as this customer found out, the answer isn’t always technical or complicated - it was just a hungry critter!  Take this as a reminder to check some of the more basic physical causes when troubleshooting an issue!


This is only a small sample of the discussions happening right now on the Community.  Ask a question, help your peers or chat about all things tech and dive into the conversation!