Community Leader Spotlight: Dexman

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First name: Paul Dexman.png

Community username: @dexman 

Member since: 2013

Occupation: Since graduating college in 1989, I have worked as a Central Office technician for Allnet Communication Services, Frontier Communications, Global Crossing and Level (3) up until 2013.

I later served as a caregiver for my mom as well as keeping on top of things that need to be tended to at my mom's estate. I am now the acting building manager at the church that I have attended for most of my life.

What Verizon products and services do you use?

Here at home, I use all three available Fios services aka "Triple Play".  I use Verizon Wireless for my mobile phone service. My church has Verizon POTS lines along with Comcast Internet. Once Verizon finishes bringing Fios to the building, everything will migrate over to fiber.

What are your areas of expertise? 

Areas of expertise include the DSC/Alcatel DEX 400, 600 & 600E, Titan 532, 532L & 5500 and Newbridge 3624 channelbanks and other aspects of legacy telecommunications.

A D4 channel bank was used to convert a digital T1 circuit to up to 24 individual POTS lines that could then be connected to a Key System that did not have the necessary hardware to directly interface with a T1 circuit. You could also connect up to 24 single line telephones to a channel bank (which was often done in call center/telemarketer settings. In LATA 128, Verizon's T1 circuits would be identified like this: "95/HCGS/xxxxxx/NE".

What are your other hobbies? 

Hobbies include working with pro-audio gear, playing keyboards/pipe organs working on (2) Avaya Partner ACSs & (1) Avaya Merlin Magix. I've been known to post pictures of extremely messy outside coaxial cabling that I come across during my occasional walks.

Musically, I like listening to what would be considered "classic rock". Meatloaf and Journey for example. Throw in some Disco from the late 70's/early 80's. But mostly, I've switched my listening to Contemporary Christian artists such as Matthew West, David Meece, Stephen Curtis Chapman and others. 

My hobbies also include Pro Audio playing the church's pipe organ and "staying out of trouble whenever possible". 😄