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It's been an amazing journey. Just imagine the places we'll go next.


By: Jeremy Godwin

20 Years of Verizon

Verizon Communications was created on June 30, 2000, by Bell Atlantic and GTE in one of the largest mergers in U.S. business history. Since it’s outset, Verizon has connected people in countless new ways in order to move the world forward. (Read the entire history of how Verizon was created.)

Ringing in the future

Speaking of moving forward, we spoke to V Teamers Nigel Leuwaisee and Raquel Wilson who rang the New York Stock Exchange bell in celebration of Verizon’s 20th anniversary.

As we celebrate the past 20 years that made Verizon into the industry leader it is today, we also look toward the future to inspire change and growth. We don’t know what the future will look like, but we can listen and learn from the next generation laying the groundwork for change.

To celebrate the next 20 years of Verizon, we are introducing a new series, Next 20, featuring young advocates alongside seasoned trailblazers to discuss the inspiration behind their activism and the promise of technology to shape a more inclusive future.

Stay tuned for the first episode of Next 20 dropping next week.

Introducing My Why

It takes more than the best technology to move the world forward, it takes the best people -- our V Team.

Check out our latest weekly series, My Why, which celebrates our employees and highlights their experiences with Verizon. From sharing hidden talents to favorite memories, My Why will feature 20 V Teamers and what makes them proud to be part of Verizon.

Today, we kicked things off with Caroline Ancheta, a call center senior manager based in Hampton, Virginia. A 13-year V Teamer, Caroline shared how Verizon has shaped both her personal and professional journey and what excites her for the future.

Calling all V Teamers: We want to hear from you and explore your experiences at Verizon. Stay tuned on how to share your My Why story.

20th Anniversary video

Watch our 20th Anniversary video.

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