Keep your smartphone protected for a summer of fun!

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With the summer season upon us, make sure you’re prepared for any and all adventures with the perfect case for your smartphone!  In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at a few options for protecting your device and making sure that you can stay connected with a smartphone free of damage.


Otterbox Defender


The tried and true rugged classic, the Otterbox Defender is a multi-layer case that can protect your phone from all kinds of drops, scrapes, bumps and dirt.  The integrated screen protector keeps your screen free of cracks and there are dust covers to keep your charging ports clear.  What’s more, this case is magsafe and wireless charging compatible and even has an antimicrobial surface to prevent bacteria growth on the case.  The Otterbox Defender is available for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices so no matter your device of choice, we have you covered!

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Otterbox Symmetry


Looking for Otterbox protection without the bulkiness of a super rugged case?  Otterbox once again has your back.  The Otterbox Symmetry case is a one-piece case that provides protection with a slim profile, allowing your phone to still fit in your pocket easily.  There are raised edges to keep your screen safe and it has the same antimicrobial surface as its big brother.  The slim design also leaves you with easy access to your device’s ports and speakers.

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Verizon Slim Sustainable


The Slim Sustainable Case from Verizon is another low-profile option that is eco-friendly and made with up to 85% recycled plastic.  It is Magsafe compatible and has a smudge-resistant surface to keep your device looking its best!  This case is also available for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel devices and there is a rugged model available.  Check them all out at the link below!

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