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Recapping the Women’s History Month webcast, a Nashville tornado recovery update and STEM stories past and present.



Nashville post-storm recovery update.

Our thoughts remain with the communities affected by the tornado in Middle Tennessee. Verizon will be providing relief to those in the Nashville area with free calls, texts and data relief.

In addition, the Verizon Response Team has been deployed with mobile network assets headed to the hardest hit areas, including a SPOT (Satellite PicoCell on a Trailer) to Cookeville and four more SPOTs and a COLT (Cell on Light Truck) on standby.

The Verizon Foundation announced a $10,000 donation to the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

And a reminder -- please consider donating to our VtoV Employee Relief Fund to support our V Teamers in Tennessee.

Watch the replay of the Women’s History Month webcast.

Light the way.

That was the message from the Women’s History Month webcast which featured inspiring words from leaders Christy Pambianchi, Kyle Malady, Rima Qureshi and Kia Wilson, as well as an insightful panel discussion with next gen leaders moderated by BUILD host and V Teamer Brittany Jones-Cooper.

“Even though today we’re celebrating the remarkable milestone of the 19th amendment granting women the right to vote there is always more we can do,” said Christy Pambianchi. “And that is where we are looking for all of your participation so that we can continue to be a leader in this area.”

Participants and audience members were also treated to the inspiring power of the collective female voice of the Kent Place School Chamber Singers.

You can watch the webcast replay on VZWeb and the Street.

Other Women’s History Month events.

Throughout the month we’ll continue to recognize the triumphs women have fought hard to achieve as we thank all those who’ve blazed the arduous trail toward equality and inclusion.

Here are some key events.

  • “Today’s Wonder Women,” a BUILD conversation with Tami Erwin, author Asha Dahya, and activists Estefani Alarcon and Fraidy Reiss on Wednesday, March 18 at 4PM ET
  • A discussion on women’s health presented by Verizon and BUILD in late March
  • A Global Day of Volunteering sponsored by WAVE/WIN on Friday, March 20, to give back to local communities. Head to our Volunteer Platform to learn more.


Congrats to all of the graduates of this year’s Women of the World (WOW) program, including Up To Speed’s own Sravya Gajjala. WOW is a seven month program designed to develop and retain female business leaders by providing them with the time to invest in themselves. Participants are grouped into squads, each led by a squad leader, with a focus on professional brand, self leadership, effective communication, critical thinking and owning your career.

“My number one takeaway in this entire journey has been to be more authentic and to be yourself,” said Sravya.

Stay tuned for more details on how you can get involved in this program later this year.

A STEM role model for women: Our own Nicki Palmer.

Speaking of female success stories, we need look no further than our own Chief Product Development Officer Nicki Palmer. Seen here at her high school graduation, Nicki recently shared on LinkedIn how the encouragement and support of her parents helped instill in her a love of math and science from an early age. She eventually followed in her father’s footsteps and enrolled in the Penn State Engineering program. She urges each of us, no matter our skill level, to volunteer our time to help educate young women about what engineers really do and how meaningful and fun these careers can be.


Yeehaw! Encouraging STEM in the Lone Star state.

Speaking of educating our young women, we recently hosted fantastic STEM events at three middle schools inTexas, which were attended by over 200 young women in the seventh- and eighth-grades.

Our Global Network & Technology Women of the World graduates were part of this effort, led by Abby Knowles on Genia Wilbourn’s Global Network & Assurance team, who also served as executive champion.