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Investing in our network for when it’s needed most.



Boosting investment in our network.

Hans Vestberg was on CNBC yesterday to discuss how our networks stand ready to serve customers. He also announced we’ll be investing even more into our networks, increasing our overall capital investment to as much as $18.5 billion in 2020. This effort will accelerate our transition to 5G and help support the economy during this period of disruption.

“We will do everything to see that all of this critical infrastructure is up and running and giving the right support for all of the customers we have: consumers, government, small and medium enterprises,” said Hans. “In these times it’s important to show the market and the country that there are people investing because it’s needed in the country right now. Verizon feels a responsibility and we’re doing that.”


Hearing from our leaders


Let’s find out from some of our leaders exactly how we’re serving our customers as their world continues to change every day.

Sampath Sowmyanarayan, President of Enterprise:

“It’s important that we remain versatile. We do some very complicated work for large enterprises; some of the largest airlines in the world, some of the largest banks. They rely on us to run their core infrastructure. We’re going to see a lot of remote workers, so how do you change the ways of working to help them get things done in a remote environment?”

Krista Bourne, President of Consumer Sales & Operations:

“I often tell people in the field we are lifestyle managers. This is what we do. Our job is to help enable the lifestyle choices of our customers and the communities we serve. And, we do that best with connections; we do that best by knowing what their needs are and connecting that to a solution; making sure we’re there for them in their moment.”.

Julie Slattery, VP, Network & Field Operations:

"For the network team this is really what we do. We prepare regularly. You know, preparedness and reliability, it's in our DNA. We put in the hard work every day. We’re here. We’re ready to serve our customers with the best network."

Thank you to all of our engineers who provide the reliability our customers have come to expect. We create the networks that move the world forward -- and right now our Purpose is more meaningful than ever because when the world moves in unpredictable ways, being the best network matters. Period.