The meaning and importance of “5G Built Right.”

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More Than a Tagline!



“5G Built Right.”


They’re the words we’ve used since we were the first in the world to launch 5G less than a year ago. But what do they really mean?

“5G Built Right is more than just a tagline,” said Chief Marketing Officer Diego Scotti. “We said that we were going to build the most powerful 5G experience for America, and that’s what we’re doing.”

At the same time, our competitors are making noise with similar claims about their own 5G networks. Does that mean they’re offering the same thing?

“T-Mobile is technically offering real 5G,” said Chief Technology Officer Kyle Malady, during our 2020 Kickoff Webcast. “The only thing is that it’s like a basketball game: It’s easier to make layups than three-pointers. We’re trying to make three-pointers. They’re looking for an easy way to deploy 5G initially, but if you look at the customer benefit it’s not a lot -- if any -- over what we’re offering with 4G.”

“We’re proud of our network,” said Verizon Network Operations Senior Manager Jon Edwards,” said Verizon Network Operations Senior Manager Jon Edwards. “It shows every day, when you open up your phone and download a movie or talk to your friends across the country.”

In 2020, you can expect more of the same as we build out our networks, including 5G, 4G LTE, fiber, and even the connections between us, the people behind the networks.

That’s because those words -- “Built Right” -- are at the center of all we do, as we continue to create the networks that move the world forward.

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