Three teams. One big game.

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The Chiefs, Niners and our network engineers prepare for Miami's big event.



From San Francisco to Kansas City to South Florida, football excitement is running high. The players and coaches on the 49ers and Chiefs have worked all season to reach this point.

But they’re not the only ones.

Our network engineers have been on the ground in Miami for two years to ensure the network is ready for the big game. That includes building all kinds of amazing fan experiences at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium with 5G Ultra Wideband service all around the venue.

“Preparing for this game takes a lot of people,” said engineer Ramesh Toolsie. “From design, construction, implementation, testing and troubleshooting, our team made it happen.”

Benefits that will last long after the big game

There are dozens of 5G nodes in and around the stadium, hundreds of antennas, some even under the seats. The good news is that these network investments are not temporary.

“We’ve invested $80 million to enhance our capacity,” said engineer Sergei Mislevy. “These are improvements that our customers and visitors can enjoy long after the big game throughout the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area.”

Stay tuned for much more from Miami over the next week as we march toward the big game.