Verizon 5G for the win.

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Here’s how we’re showing up at the Super Bowl and beyond.


Not all networks are created equal. We build things right.

Our leadership positioning is built on our reputation of trust, reliability and performance —our 5G is built right for moments that matter. No moment matters more than when lives are on the line. You may have seen some of our new TV spots bringing to life what 5G will do for first responders, and how it has the industrial strength and power to help them save lives.

We set a goal to volunteer 2.5M hours by 2025, and now we are joining forces with the NFL to create the country’s biggest volunteer network. We ask everyone to give One More Sunday after the season ends to come together and volunteer in their communities. I hope you visit, then follow the link to our employee volunteer site, to see how you can get involved and help us reach our goals.

On the ground in Miami.

All week long we’re demonstrating the power of our 5G Ultra Wideband network through a variety of enhanced experiences and installations that bring to life how 5G will transform the NFL fan experience.

  • A 360 degree interactive experience that demonstrates what the future of football will look like on 5G.
  • An in-stadium app that utilizes AR and allows fans to watch the game from multiple camera angles on 5G.
  • The very first 5G enabled camera broadcasting live from the big game.

After the Super Bowl, the ground and pound will continue.

On Monday, we will be sharpening our 5G message by introducing new ads featuring engineers around the country who are demonstrating the power of 5G UWB. Not only are we building 5G out across the country but our 5GUWB is "10X faster than some other 5G networks". Just more evidence that there's 5G, then there's Verizon 5G.

Here’s some fun facts to share with your friends and family.

  • Our 4G LTE we currently have across the country today is actually faster than some 5G nationwide networks.
  • We recently won an important speed test from Rootmetrics who validated our 4G LTE is faster than other nationwide 5G in the markets they tested.

Now check out the social posts. One stars some of our amazing network engineers. The other, comedian Jenny Slate.