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Service terrible on Jetpack and Terrible Customer Service too!!!!

OK so I hve had my jetpack for over a year now and for the past month its been showing 4 bars with LTE service, but download speeds average about 0.20 and upload is about 5Mb.


The first time I called tech support, they stayed on the phone with me for an hour. We tried EVERYTHING! Finally the girl assigned my jetpack a new phone number.  It worked greta for an hour and wen back to the 0.20Mb download speeds, so I called back the next day...


Day 2: I called again, they tried EVERYTHING again (almost 2 hours on the phone with this guy) and assigned me a new number, and voila it worked! For exactly one comes day 3....

Day 3: I called yet again.  The tech tried all types of stuff on his end again. I did a speed test and got 0.30Mb.  He tells me ot try YouTube to watch a video as a test (ok what's wrong with that advice, anyone?!?! DUH!!!! but to placate this guy I went to you tube, suffice it to say that the page took 30 seconds to even render, before I could hit Play on any video...Alas, I told him that the other 2 techs I spoke with assigned me a new number and it lasted an hour before it stopped working again.  After an hour on the phone, he suggests two things: 1. Give me a new number (I almost reached through the phone to choke him!!) 2. Since Verison no longer offers Unlimted for $70/mo on the jetpacks, he suggested changing plans as a last resort and I no longer have unlimited!!! Now I have a $70/mo plan with only 30GB and I still have a jetpack that doesn't work.


On top of this I went to Best Buy and bought another jetpack.  So now I have a new jetpack, new battery and a new sim card and guess what????  IT STILL DOESN'T WORK!!!!


The moral of the story: Verizon tech support is a bunch of morons. The hotspot service terrible and I would never recommend a verizon hotspot to anyone unless I really hated that person AND he had no hair (so he wouldn't pull it out!).


I will also cancel the service on ALL of my verizon phones, my employees phones, and every other thing that I have that is verizon as a carrier.


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Re: Service terrible on Jetpack and Terrible Customer Service too!!!!
Sr. Member

Get a real ISP. If one isn't available, move into an area that does have one.

I've lived in a place before where things like the jetpack were the only options and that didn't work for long. Now I have Xfinity. Jetpacks were never intended to be a home internet replacement.