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What good is a jetpack that wont connect to the internet?

Im so frustrated with the Elipsis Jetpack I got on a promotion.  It was advertused as the coolest thing since sliced bread, but it was all lies.  I have approx. 4-6 devices that use this device to connect to the internet.  I use up my alloted 22 gigs in less than a week and then Im throttled down to 600 for the rest of the month!!!  What [removed] at VeriZon came up with this lame plan?  Did they think it would only be used by a little old grandma who only called her family twice a month to say hi?  Give me a [removed] break and now that I just found out thats the case, I have approx. 1-1/2 years left of a 2 year contract to suffer through this "dial-up"  twilight zone torture.  It really reminds me of the AOL days when you could put in a website address and then go the grocery store and come back and it may or may not be connecteed.  Its that slow.  Even the customer service reps have admitted that the way they advertised it was deceitful.  Ive tried no less than 3 times to get out of it, but NO [removed] WAY!   So now what geniuses?  Make no mistake, I won't be around for another shake-down when this is over unless I get some kind of compensation.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE???  WE ARE THE REASON YOU EVEN HAVE A JOB, REALIZE THAT, OK?  [removed], pull your head out of your [removed]  and take care of the customers you already have instead of trying to compete with these bogus promotions to get new customers.  GEEZ!  Oh and one more thing, most of the time, even if I do get a connection, I still dont have enough of a signal to even access the internet, even tho it says I have "excellent signal strength".  So lame guys, so lame.........just sayin.

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Re: What good is a jetpack that wont connect to the internet?

I wondered if I was the only one. Thanks for your email. i understand your frustration. I had my device replaced but it is still too slow to use! So I  don’t . And still have a year to go on the contract. Smiley Sad

Re: What good is a jetpack that wont connect to the internet?

So you purchased a device, are fully aware of the plan allotments, then get mad because you didn't pay attention and used it all very quickly? You sound like your fully aware of how data usage works, so I'm not sure why you're mad at anyone but yourself for using all of your data before the end of the month.

Jetpacks are amazing, they create wifi hotspots that can be used anywhere! I have no issues with mine The problem seems to be your lack of attention to the amount of data that you were using.

Re: What good is a jetpack that wont connect to the internet?
Customer Support

Nobody wants to see you go, PATMCD59. I’m no fan of slow speeds either, but we recently introduced our new AboveUnlimited plan which I hope comes as a relief.

This option is great, because those slower speeds won’t sneak up on you as soon as the plans that we had when you started this thread in April. More information on this plan can be found below:
You can use the MyVerizon app or website to upgrade to this new option. Let us know how that sounds.

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