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VZ Support & Protection App Troubles

I hope posting this here is the correct place (instead of under Apps)....

Anyhow, I've recently discovered that when I run a scan, my Ellipsis only scans 169 files!  Im sure it used to do 1000s of files and Apps. 

In settings, I can no longer turn on the "Scan after a file has been downloaded" under "Auto Scans" nor can I turn on "Scan files and folders on my device" under the "Manual Scan Options".  I DO have it set to scan All Apps.  I'm positive those items were once turned on. However, the slider to turn them on is now not working.

Any help restoring those setting would be appreciated.

PS: I did delete all data and clear the cache in an attempt to restore those settings already.

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Re: VZ Support & Protection App Troubles

Oh well....with no replies, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the APP.

It then allowed me to change the above mentioned settings. However, as soon as I went back to the APP's home screen, the same thing happened again and it only scanned 169 files!?

I guess with no assistance here from Verizon I may as well uninstall the APP, save space, and use an outside virus/malware APP to protect my devices.