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48% still on Windows 7 - why no Message+ app???????

Really need to get Message+ app for my Windows 7 desktop while working. Go figure they only have app for Windows 10.  I looked it up and 48% of windows pc's are using windows 7 - why would Verizon not accommodate us?  It can't be that much of a leap to have it work with Win7.  Very frustrating.

Not sure if anyone from Verizon checks this - but if they do, please help!!!!

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Re: 48% still on Windows 7 - why no Message+ app???????
Customer Support

Spiritsoul, we certainly do check the community forum, and we're happy to address any questions or concerns you have for us. I use integrated messages, so I totally understand your dilemma. Because this is a newer feature it cannot be altered to be compatible with an older software. Only the latest or standard computer software systems running:

◦Windows 8 in desktop mode

◦Windows 10

•OS X 10.8 and newer

are compatible. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you want to use Message + please update your computer's software.


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Re: 48% still on Windows 7 - why no Message+ app???????

I agree! And since it's my work computer I can not just update the OS. I work for a very large company and they are no where near ready to upgrade from Windows 7. And since I only need this app while at work, it stinks I am unable to.

I do have access to the webpage that allows texting, but a few of the people I text throughout the day are unable to see any of my messages if I use the computer. They just get a blank message from me. It's very frustrating. I was really hoping the app might fix that problem. Guess I won't know any time soon.

Re: 48% still on Windows 7 - why no Message+ app???????

There is or was a Message+.exe that worked on Windows 7 and earlier.

You can google for it, and I still have it, but is it no longer being developed?

I upgraded to Windows 10 and have both apps now. They both pretty much work.

The old app does not do Integrated Messages like you said and newer emojis.

The new app does Integrated Messages but no contact photos (and no color themes).

There are other apps that let you text to and from your PC that do not need Windows 10.

Re: 48% still on Windows 7 - why no Message+ app???????

I had message+ on my laptop with windows 7 and about 2 weeks ago it quit working and it's no longer listed in my programs on my computer. It worked fine for several years and now it's just gone? I did several searches but it's no where and the icon is gone.

spirtsoul If you go to get message+ and use the web client launch it will work. My problem is that it only works for the main phone number on my account and not the secondary one that I was using it for and I can't find any way to change the number. Very annoying considering what I pay a month for the service. Also annoying since I used it for years without a  problem on my windows 7 laptop.

Re: 48% still on Windows 7 - why no Message+ app???????

My Message+ version running on my Win7 desktop pc also quit updating on 23 Feb 2019. I'm assuming on Verizon's end they updated something in the servers that disabled support for the older version we have been using with Win7 since it's not supported in the current release. I'm sure it's to avoid problems with our outdated old versions. Like with most all software they can't support all the old stuff forever. They have to cut it off eventually. I agree the Win 7 cutoff was a bit premature with still about half of us out here using Win7. I'm sure it was a bugetary consideration when giving the new Win10 version Message+ app software developmenmt conrtract out if it was 3rd party written. If written in house they probably did not want to authorize the extra manhours to support old Windows versions. Onward and upward I suppose!! At least that's a smart bussiness decision our company is making to stay competitive and ahead of the competition even if it alienates some of it's users.

Re: 48% still on Windows 7 - why no Message+ app???????

Verizon is lying to us - I had messenger on my windows 7 - 64 bit PC it worked perfectly - had a system crash - tried to find the program again and now Verizon is feeding us the garbage it never existed!  Well I can tell you I am sure their is a copy of the windows 7 messange PC platform somewhere - NO ONE UPGRADES without keeping a copy of the original version - Verizon PLEASE STOP LYING TO US!