6.4.4 update doesn't fix what it claims to
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6.4.4 claims:

"Customers using 3rd party messaging client not receiving messages – Fixed"

This appears inaccurate.  I switched from Message+ 6.4.4 to Signal as my default SMS/MMS app on my LG V20 and my wife is still unable to send me an SMS message.  The factory LG app also does not receive messages sent to me by my wife using Message+.

It also claims there's a Skip button for the public profile:

"On Popular demand we added a SKIP button so customers will not be forced to enter a profile name."

However, there still appears to be no way to 1) delete the public profile we all have already forced to create 2) view the public profile we were forced to create 3) set any public profile to private or otherwise restrict who may see it or 4) even understand what this profile is for.  Honestly, Verizon needs to ditch this public profile junk.  There's ABSOLUTELY no reason for it.  I doubt ANYONE wants messaged by people they don't know so the public profile just seems like the dumbest thing a company has invented since, well, MySpace.

While this is getting there, the clear lack of testing, the dismal lack of documentation (like, for example, what kind of encryption is being used for chat messages?  Is it end-to-end or is Verizon harvesting messages (sure looks like Verizon is harvesting messages for advertising based on the privacy policy)?  Honestly, no one should use this app until Verizon FULLY and OPENLY documents the product.  Time to take this to several of the privacy advocacy organizations out there for them to put additional pressure on Verizon to come clean.  In the end, the only reason a company hides things is when they're embarrassed about what they have and have something to hide.  If Verizon is proud of this "upgrade" (I have such a hard time calling it that), then it will immediately release FULL documentation.

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Re: 6.4.4 update doesn't fix what it claims to
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It's important that we get the text communication back between you and your wife. I apologize that you are still having issues with the Message+ application. With you continuing to have issues, I will need to get some additional information from you to file a ticket with our team of engineers. This will alert him that your two lines are still experiencing issues with texting each other. Please check your inbox for a message from me.

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