Am I being charged while using online texting?


I am currently traveling in Mexico and I thought I could avoid international texting charges by sending texts through verizon's Messages app online rather than through my cell phone. When I review my text usage online, it shows all of my incoming messages as "text" but then a "--" next to all of my outgoing messages. Does this mean I am still being charged the $.05 per incoming message even though I'm not opening the messages on my phone? Also, am I being charged the $.50 per outgoing message even though it's being sent online? My account will not show me a break down of text usage, the Chat function with technical support is unavailable for some reason, and I am unable to reach customer support via skype. If anyone could help me figure out if and how Im being charged that would be great!!

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Re: Am I being charged while using online texting?
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HI JohnB83

NO. I do not believe that you are charged when 'texting' over the web through your online account, but I am not in Billing, so I am not authorized to speak definitively.   

Here is the FYI for International texting:  International Messaging FAQs | Verizon Wireless


You can also use the WIFI on your phone to text at no charge. If you are going to text over wifi, turn off Data OR use Airplane Mode.   International texting over wi-fi is not 100% meaning if you are in a remote area, your message might not send until you are in a stronger wifi location.  The phone must use a Verizon SIM

I hope this helps