Announcement: 14 switch 4192-1???

I am attempting to contact someone, and when I text them, I get a message saying that it's a landline. I was able to text them yesterday with no trouble. When I call, I receive the following automated message: "You have reached a non-working number. Announcement: 14 switch 4192-1" Have I been blocked? Has their service been cut off temporarily? Did they change their number? Please help. I do not know their service provider.

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Hello Fluming,

I want to ensure that you are still able to reach your contacts. Is this the only contact you are experiencing these issues with? Although I cannot speak for another carrier's message, the message you are receiving is not the blocked number message from Verizon Wireless. In order to determine why your calls are receiving this message, your contact would need to speak with their service provider.

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