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Anyone being charged on their bill for sending texts to 8012222269?


In October I upgraded to the Apple Iphone 4. I was reviewing my recent bill and noted that I incurred $2.50 of text message charges when I have an unlimited text plan. The bill charge details gave off the appearance that these were international text messages. My thought was that when I switched to the iphone and changed data plans my block of premium messaging got removed and I was incurring text messages from this number. I called and spoke with a Verizon customer service rep today and she said that the messages were sent from my phone. I informed her I did not send the messages I do not know anyone internationally and I would not be texting internationally. I asked if I had the premium message block on and she said that yes the block was still on and she could block me from receiving text messages and calls but that she could not place a block on a text message I sent. I said again, ma’am I did not send these. She said she would try to get me some type of customer courtesy credit for the $2.50 and I said it is $2.50 that’s not a lot but my point I’m trying to make is that I did not text this number I do not know this number and you can’t tell me what was said to this number in text messages that are stated to be originating from my phone number. The first text message from my bill began on November 26th. I was flying that day…landed in Orlando Intl. airport. Then the 4th of December, two on the 13th of Dec, one on Dec 16th one on the 23rd 3 on 12/24 and one on 12/25. I asked Verizon rep if someone could have hacked my phone and she said if my number was cloned I would have incurred all sorts of phone charges on my Verizon bill so my number would not have been cloned. She said maybe someone got my phone and sent the messages I told her I keep my phone with me at all times and it’s locked. I expressed the concern of what the messages may have said given my current employment situation the thought of having messages fired off to a supposed international number referencing my number as origination point and my not knowing what the messages said causes me great concern. I could tell the Verizon rep was getting irritated with me and I was getting irritated though I kept saying I was not upset with her personally as I knew she was just doing her job but either there was a data validity issue with the Verizon billing service or someone was able to somehow send text messages referencing my number and that was what concerned me how my number could be co-opted like that and Verizon just bill me. She said that I would have to get court order subpoena for them to see what the messages said. She said that at first she thought I was just crazy and then apologized for telling me that but then she realized I must really be upset based on the tone in my voice and I wasn’t just trying to get out of $2.50 charge. I said I was very upset because there’s no explanation being provided as to how Verizon records show I sent texts to a number and I didn’t send them. She said she had not had any other complaints like this before but did grant me the $2.50 credit after speaking to her supervisor. Still no explanation from Verizon and I had to say over and over again to the representative that I did not send these messages and there is no way anyone could have just picked up my phone and sent them. I understand that customer agents have to be skeptical of callers but I have been a Verizon customer for almost ten years now and I have better things to do than engage in an argument over $2.50 without good reason. I Googled the number 8012222269 and found several people complaining about receiving messages from this number but no one stating that they have been accused (via billing) of SENDING messages to this number.


Has anyone else been saddled with charges of text messages to a number they did not send and HOW technically speaking is this allowed to happen? How is this NOT a data validity issue? I am well aware there are people who will take a phone and text but based on the dates and times referenced on my bill detailed charges it is just not possible. I was in a plane in the air when the first message was sent on 11/26 and I had my phone off.  Any comments/suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated. I'm a bit un-nerved.

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