Backup files missing after reset and adding/removing the app

Hello, I had to complete a factory reset last night. Prior to the reset a Verizon tech and I performed a backup on the app. Once the reset was completed and all of the apps downloaded the backup files were missing, which is horribly upsetting. I then performed another backup to make sure that the functionality is working, which was marked as successful. I deleted and reinstalled the app and the backup that I performed today was gone. I truly need the messages, pictures, videos, and everything that was in the backup from 4/6/22. I have lost a lot of key information that will essentially cost me a lot time, money, possibly clients, and take a lot of effort. Is this something that is a new issue? Can this be corrected? Where are these files truly saved? Why did you get rid of the process of these files saving on an actual file that could be moved to a desktop. This by far has been one of the worst experiences ever and I am a very unhappy customer. 

 I have a S21+ Ultra

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Customer Service Rep

Hello, tkilgore25. We want to make sure you receive the assistance you need with restoring your phones data. We have sent you a Private Note to assist you further.