Badges are gone on Messages since upgrade to Oreo?

When I did the Oreo upgrade several apps went crazy with the badges so I turned them off but didn't like that since it turned them off in Mesaages+ too. Now it shows I have turned them back on but they have not started working again?

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Re: Badges are gone on Messages since upgrade to Oreo?
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sartain676, new OS time is always an exciting time due to all the new features they come with. You have come to the right place for help with your phone. The majority of issues with the badges can be corrected by backing up your phone and performing a factory reset. This way Oreo's install is redone, and any corrupt data can be wiped, which can cause this type of behavior. We recommend installing one to two apps at a time to ensure there isn't a compatibility issue between any specific app and Oreo.


If you need assistance finding out how to reset your device, please provide us with the make and model of the phone you use, and we can help provide you with the needed steps.


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