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Blocked numbers???

Just got a message from a number on my BLOCKED NUMBERS LIST!!! Cant download it tho, because its from a BLOCKED NUMBER!!! Are you kidding me??? Its on there so I wouldnt look at my phone 100 times a day to see if it ever would be again, thinking that it wouldnt, yet not knowing if I never want it to be or not. But now I know its there and I cant even read it!!!! When I go to the blocked numbers page on my account, the #'s not on my list anymore and the page says its "temporarily unavailable" I figure thats the 90 day thing, from what I've read in the forums it wouldnt matter anyway.... Is it gone forever or is it retreivable? Go ahead and lay it on me!!! One last thing, if they call, does the phone ring with there name on it, only to go dead when I answer? So I can wonder for the rest of my life whether they accidentally butt dialed me or actually wanted to talk? Real great feature you got going on there MR.VERIZON!!!!!

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Re: Blocked numbers???
Sr. Leader
Sr. Leader

I am confused by your post - let me see if I can reword it so I can understand.  You blocked a number using the free, 90 day block.  A call came through from this number after the 90 days expired, but you are unable to get to the blocking area of MyVerizon to reblock the number.  It may be availabe in a day or two - keep trying.

What confuses me is that you said "Is it gone forever or is it retreivable?" - is WHAT gone forever? 

You also asked "One last thing, if they call, does the phone ring with there name on it, only to go dead when I answer? " - if you have them blocked, the call would not ring through, they would get a message that you are unavailable, or some such, but you would not see the call.  The only way you would see their name is if you had them in your contacts, and there was no block in place.