Blocking spam texts/phone #s

I keep getting these spam texts about "getting cash now".  The wording varies and so do the phone numbers.  The numbers have a 973, a 702, or a 914 area code.  Or the texts are from one of those 5 digit numbers and begin with 58.  But they are all about getting cash or funds now and usually have a website on the bottom.  Is anyone else getting these?  I'm on the National Do Not Call Registry but recently started getting all these annoying spam texts so that my inbox constantly has to be erased.  Is there any way to block them?  Help please!

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Re: Blocking spam texts/phone #s
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There are various types of blocks you can place, but if the stuff is coming in from a variety of numbers and sources, that makes it difficult to block.  The blocks are for specific numbers.  Check and see if the "short codes" are Premium texts, because they will cause a $9.99 or more charge on your bill each month, and those you CAN block entirely by putting a block on Premium SMS.


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Re: Blocking spam texts/phone #s
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As far as the messages from 10 digit numbers you can block up to five from your myverizon account by logging into it, and then choosing "My services" and the verizon safeguards on the left side then you can add the numbers there.


For the ones that come in as 5 digit codes, you should reply to those with the text "STOP END CANCEL UNSUBSCRIBE" and that should stop them. Also you can add a premium SMS block to your account by signing in at myverizon go to my services, my plan, add or remove features and choose premium sms block.


Hope that helps.

Re: Blocking spam texts/phone #s

I get the same messages and they are coming from a 5 digit number - not a 10-digit number (77893) . I hope Verizon has a way of blocking them as well because currently Verizon wont block them (maybe they are working with the spammers - who knows?).

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