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I have a question don't know if u can answer or not.  I'm new to the forum.   My husband has been receiving text messages from a (removed) number and it shows he is sending texts back.  But he swears he isn't sending texts back.  I have not been able to block the number and I am not sure if I should believe my husband when it's right in front of me in black and white.  Is there anything I can do to find out where the number is coming from.   He is also receiving a message from a (removed) number which is suppose to be a yahoo ID.

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Re: Block Yahoo 092466501
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Sorry to hear about any confusion with messages being sent on your account! We definitely can take a look at this together. You can set up blocks to 10 digit numbers like this: . You can always view any message details about who it was to or from and what time it was sent or received right on My Verizon as well: