Can't Send Texts When WiFi is turned on

For the last week or so, I haven't been able to send a simple text-only SMS message when WiFi is turned on. I'm using the default Verizon messaging app. If WiFi is turned on, the message gets stuck in "sending." As soon as I turn off WiFi, the text will send. I do not have "Limit Mobile Data Usage" turned on. I have a 3-4 bar 4G LTE connection showing in my status bar. I have tried restarting the phone, disabling and re-enabling the app, clearing all data and my cache and re-starting, and just about anything else I can think of short of a full reset. It seems like the phone doesn't know to switch over to mobile when I try to send a text and it gets hung up at sending. If i force the phone to use cellular by manually turning off WiFi, the text goes through right away. Also, I seem to be able to receive them fine if WiFi is on. Just can't send them.

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Re: Can't Send Texts When WiFi is turned on
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Sending and receiving text messages is a must, cpercival. I rely on text messages as my main form of communication and I would be lost without them. I applaud all of your efforts in attempt to get this resolved. Let's get this working. Was there any changes on your device prior to this starting? Is Verizon Messages up to date with the most recent version? What happens when you reset the network settings on your phone? Follow these steps:

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