Can't send or receive texts after moving from postpaid to prepaid
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A few weeks ago, I bought a new Google Pixel 5 at my local Verizon store. I was on a postpaid family plan at the time, and the account owner didn't know their PIN, so we weren't able to transfer my line off the plan that same day. Next day, we called and got her PIN reset, and then I made the call to transfer my line to prepaid. 

Immediately after getting transferred over to prepaid, I can no longer send or receive texts. Calling and data work just fine - it's ONLY texts that are an issue. I've been in too many phone calls to count with support trying to fix the problem, but no one seems to know how to. I've made it up to tier 2 of support with nothing being resolved. 

We've tried using a new sim card, factory resetting the phone, resetting wi-fi, mobile & bluetooth, checking message/app settings & permissions, etc...everything checks out fine. I contacted Google Pixel support and they checked a few things and confirmed that it wasn't a phone problem, but a Verizon issue. The messaging worked fine until I got my line transferred to prepaid. It's like something got hung up in the process? I'm beyond frustrated at this point. It's been weeks and nothing has helped. Can someone please help me with this issue? 

Re: Can't send or receive texts after moving from postpaid to prepaid
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Hello. I will be happy to assist with your texting issue. It does sound like some error occurred during the line migration. I am going to send you a Private Note, so we can begin troubleshooting.