Cannot Use Online Text Feature - Verizon Messages Your request has failed. Please try again later. OK
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It says that there are no similar complaints but found of few exactly the same but did not seem to be recent.  Error Message Noted in Subject Line.  Also continues to have me sign in.  And, links just send me around and around in circles.  Spoke to person via chat for about 4 hours.  Was told by a CHAT rep one time that they take so long to respond with every text because they have to handle multiple calls at one time and so they toggle amongst all.  That is why they are so poor quality.  Also, never got anywhere.  And .........then..........after all that time of them asking me questions of things that do not relate and knew they could not address, ......THEY DISCONNECTED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And it took FOREVER to just get to them as it contiinued to connect me to the Digital Assistant that kept telling me how to get to the place where I COULD USE the text function IF IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And could never to get to any help or assistance for the longest of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...............So was so excited when I seemed to get to a real person, only, again for them to focus on unrelated, VEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYY SSSSSSSSSSLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY respond to every thing I typed, AND THEN..........DISCONNECT ME!


Any one else have issues with the online text function.  It worked great the other day when my phone was not working.  Evidently the reps set it up to download app and sync with all nearby computers WHICH I DID NOT DO OR KNOW ABOUT.  But wast glad when I needed when it did originally work.  Did not even know about the Verizon feature.  BUT VERY CREEPY to think that they downloaded and .....that the program connects to in-range computers.  How would it know if the computer is even mine?  I am now wondering and did not think about before?!?!?  

Did speak to a lovely rep that seemed very knowledgeable and said he had been with Verizon for 20 yrs.  Also "seemed" to really want to help.  But was unsuccessful.  He said he had to refer to someone else.  I thought the other person would assist while I was on the line with him.  BUT...perhaps the virus is affecting?!?!?  but it is a commiunications company and I want to be positive as I do have some connections and loyalties to Verizon.....Anyway, the other person, I was told, would address and I would get an email with an update, taking MANY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't even remember how many he said " something like perhaps 5 to 10?  I was SO IN SHOCK, I don't even remember how long.  Does not seem acceptable for them to fix!!!!!!!  Sorry for long post.  I obviously am not taking the timne to spell check.  ANd just have to vent


Any suggestions anyone?


Re: Cannot Use Online Text Feature - Verizon Messages Your request has failed. Please try again later. OK

Another one bites the dust

Re: Cannot Use Online Text Feature - ... request has failed. Please try again later. OK
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It is truly disturbing to hear about your recent experience with our chat support team, IAMDESPERATE. We will do all we can to help out, and will be sure our IT department investigates the chats getting disconnected on you. Please tell us more about the online use of Message+. When is the last time it worked for you? What operating system and what browser are you using to access Message+ online?