Cannot text pictures

In the last week or so I've been unable to send or receive a text message containing a picture. It doesn't matter if I use "verizon messages" or the google messaging app. If someone sends me a text message containing a picture I get an alert saying "message not downloaded". All of the pictures that were part of texts I had previously sent or received no longer appear in the "verizon messages" app. There are just generic icons were the pictures used to be. I have a Kyocera Brigadier.

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Re: Cannot text pictures
Verizon Employee

whoanellie, Let's get your pictures messages going! When sending picture messages on the Kyocera Brigadier, the phone does need to be connected to our Mobile Data network. Do you notice if this is happening when your phone is connected to a Wifi Network? Are you receiving any type of error message when trying to send the picture messages? Please share so we can figure this out, together.


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