Cant receive or send txt messages on my LG Cosmos

Just started yesterday, I cannot receive or send txt messages but I can make calls. I have tried the *228 reset, pulled the battery, did the full phone reset, did the settings deal all to no avail. I called customer service and tech support and they told me to do the same thing to no avail, does anyone have another fix. This is very frustrating, I dont think its fair that they try to make you get another phone to start a new 2 year contract. Thanks.

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Re: Cant receive or send txt messages on my LG Cosmos
Customer Service Rep

Hi Montek,

Not being able to message all day can definitely cause a lot of frustration. We're not looking for you to upgrade for this service to function. Messaging should work as long as the device is working with it. What happens when you try to send a message? What happens when someone sends you a message? Please tell us more so we can get this ultimately resolved for you.

Thank you,
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