Certain text messages (MMS) not transferring to new phone, using Verizon Messages
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Trying to transfer ALL data from Samsung S6 to new S21. Have tried Samsung Smart Switch and a backup/restore with iDrive. With both attempts, certain text messages are not transferred to new phone. The messages that are not being transferred appear to be texts that are longer than character limit for SMS and have been converted to MMS.  You can see the text on the old phone, and it is missing on the new phone after transfer. Other MMS such as a group text are being transferred (unless it is long and exceeds the character limit).  I've talked to Samsung cust service, and they believe that Verizon Messages must be saving these converted MMS texts in a different location so they aren't getting picked up when Smart Switch copies files. I've connected the old phone to the computer as a device and searched the phone's directory, and can't "find" any missing file location. I've talked to Verizon tech support (several times) and got nowhere. Latest word is that this is out of the scope of their support (really?  Messages is Verizon's product.)

This is getting urgent as I have to turn in the old phone for trade in. Some of these old texts I can't transfer are sentimental as they are from a family member, and you can't really know the population of what isn't getting transferred. 

Would be grateful for any ideas or help. Thank you

Re: Certain text messages (MMS) not transferring to new phone, using Verizon Messages
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Have you tried using a different cloud service, like the Verizon Cloud?