Customer Service lied??????

I was chatting with Customer Service on Friday 2/28/2014, and was told that I can give up my unlimited data (wife has smart phone with 2gb data which was signed on December 2013) and get 10GB for just $50 instead of the $100.00. According to her, this is the Verizon Maxx plan that just came out on, and that would make the cost to 2 smartphones $130.00 a month 2/13/2014.

When I called in, nobody knows what I am talking about.

So, did the customer service lie to me? I am so fed up and ready to switch to AT&T.

I have the Realtime Session ID number if the Admin or Verizon Customer Service want to take a look at it.

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You get 8 GB and wife has 2 GB equals 10 GB of data. Read the above link.

Good Luck