Customize text tone Verizon messages app with pixel 2.

I would like certain people to have their own text tone. Is this possible on the pixel 2 with Verizon messages? I switched to this app because I was getting jumbled and broken up text messages on the Google messages app that came with the phone. When I open a text thread, there's only 3 dots on the top right where I can customize colors but not the tone. There is not a "hamburger" or three bar menu to select on the top left of the thread. I have been reading about this topic for almost an hour and most is on Samsung phones or basically ends up saying you can't customize the text tones on Verizon messages. That was from 2013! I would of thought this was figured out. I open the contact itself and the only sound I can change is the ringtone. Please help!

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Re: Customize text tone Verizon messages app with pixel 2.
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Let's make sure you can use Message+ to it's fullest. Please follow this link:


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