Deceptive practices
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This pass year, I had convinced my father to switch to Verizon as I felt their service was magnificent in comparison to other phone companies. Fast forward a few months, I have read nasty comments on the Verizon community board about customer service and their lack of care for their customers, and their deceptive practices. I had not believed it until recently I felt I was the victim of it. While in Europe, I had received $350 charges and my dad had incited $200 charges for him. The issue with that is the fact when my dad called, I felt they took advantage of his lack of English. It seemed the customer service did not care that we were charged $500 extra dollars. I was charged $175 for a call to United airlines but I have a screenshot of a text message from you guys claiming my travel pass session begins December 31st and ends January 1st. But I was charged almost $200 on December 31st but how could that be? I have a picture of you guys stating my 24 hour travel sessions ends January 1st. On top of that, your guys site states a 10/day flat rate and you guys also said it renews after 24 hours. Here is my proof! It said 10/day flat rate and on top of that I got a notification from you guys the day I turned on travel pass stating I had a 24 hour session based of that 10/day flat rate. But if you look at the pictures I sent, I was notified by you guys on 1pm about my 24 hour session ending after January. But it seems I was still charged! I am not angry, and I hope this email comes with love. The customer service reps seem to not care about Verizon and it has indeed brought a bad light, but I cannot put that on the company as a whole. That is why I am writing a letter in order to get this resolved. It is frustrating because I’m currently on vacation out the country and my father that doesn’t speak too much English is calling me complaining about Verizon giving him horrible customer service. Please, I beg you, let’s get this resolved. It has ruined my trip because Thats $500 extra dollars to the plan that we do not have. On top of that, I was notified by you guys that I had a session covering the calls. I hope to hear from you guys soon.


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Other have same problem seems they make up own rules and expect us to just ignore what is claimed

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The reps over the phone, chat or a store don't control how you use your phone.

You also get text alerts whenever something is going to charge so you know what to expect when the bill prints. Overages, international charges etc. This gives you enough time to call either domestic CS or international CS depending on where you are to not get a surprise bill.

Travel pass is for when you're in the country. If you're calling from the US to another country, that requires a different international feature. Before doing anything international, always ask will X charge if you did Y and how much.

I feel this is less horribile service and more something wasn't set up correctly. If it was, you get a flat charge of $10 for the day in other countries. Another thing to consider is not all countries are travelpass countries. Always check every detail before traveling.

Re: Deceptive practices
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We want to ensure you're still getting the best Verizon experience. It sounds like an agent should take a look at these charges. Please, Private Message us anytime for an agent to look into these charges. - NicholasS_VZW