Deceptive sales practices/poor service
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Two months ago, my old Droid phone died. I went to the Verizon store and found it was under warranty. Hooray, I was getting a new phone.

The salesperson also suggested a new tablet I could buy for just $30 and it would only be an additional $10/month. I didn't NEED a tablet, but it didn't sound like a bad deal, so I said yes. After putting the sale in she informed me that she needed to change my plan, and even more good news I'd actually pay a little less every month. Awesome, I was definitely down for that. Unfortunately she shared none of the numbers she was talking about and I just assumed paying a little less meant paying a little less, not a lot more. Stupid me.

My next bill was $100 more than what I was used to paying. Well, she did warn me about that, she said my next bill would be a little higher because of "activation fees" and after that it would drop. So reluctantly, I paid it, assuming everything was in good faith.

Then my next bill came, I'm still being charged $60 more than I used to.

So, today I called the support center. After talking to them I learned there was a step in the process the lady at the store missed, accidentally putting the tablet on its own text, phone and data plan, and they just needed to change my plan and I'd go back to roughly what I was paying before.

    OK, great. Now, I ask for a credit, to realign what I've paid to what I was told. So, I figure minus activation fees I was overcharged about $120 so far. The representative, that I won't name because he was great, offered $12...$12 for the $120 I am overcharged including my time for this 45 minutes to an hour I've already spent on the phone with them.

   I asked to escalate, which he did and placed me on the phone with "Patty" (2455681). She explained the $12 was more than they normally do and the gentleman before only offered that from the goodness of his heart. (She REALLY said that). After spending another 20 minutes with Patty, she saw that in my contract the salesperson did mean to put everything together(meaning Verizon WAS at fault) and she could offer me a $30 credit.

   I'm not asking for the world, but I make a little over forty thousand a year(supporting a family of three), Verizon makes billions, I don't see why they can't offer me the $100(less than I ought to) I asked for as a credit.

   Has this happened to anyone else? Class action maybe? Or maybe I ought to let Sprint pay my early termination fees and just move over.

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