Delayed (not scheduled) Sending, Run on Startup & Desktop Popup?

I've recently returned to Verizon and think that I could do away with my 3rd party texting apps, but I have a short wish list:

1) Android app > Delayed sending: Note, this is not scheduled sending, but a few seconds delay before a message goes out that allows me to catch and correct mistakes, etc. Any chance you'll add this?

2) Desktop app> Run on startup: Although I see references to this in other posts, the only way I can run it on startup is to put a shortcut in the "startup" folder.  Not ideal, especially since it refuses to launch minimized. Can I do it the 'proper' way?

3) Desktop popup: All I get is the large window - I don't see a way to set it to pop up a single message text box in which I can simply answer the text, even though I can do so on my phone & tablet. Is this possible?

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