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Using Verizon Messages.

After sending a group MMS, I get the status "Delivered to some".  (See attachment.)

1. Does this mean that it wasn't delivered to everyone?

2. If not, how can I tell whom it wasn't delivered to?

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Re: Delivered to some
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Hello and happy Sunday Dwendl,

     I'm glad to see that you are taking full advantage of the Verizon Messaging service. I use it all the time and love the convenience that it provides. Thanks for the screenshot. In order for us to investigate this issue for you, we need some additional information. May I ask what make and model device are you using? Also, are the other numbers in the group messaging Verizon Wireless customers? How much available memory do you have on your device? As you share more information then we can customize a solution for you.

Thank you...

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Re: Delivered to some
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Was it ever corrected? Do you still have problem sending group text messages? Because I am experiencing exactly what you described.