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Dissatisfied with Device Recycling Program

I was in the Verizon Edge program with a device payment for my iPhone 6.  I didn't like having my phone payment in my monthly bill, so I upgraded using the pre-order service for the iPhone 6s.  At the time of upgrade, I changed from the Edge program to the monthly billing program; thus paying $199 for my device with the understanding that my monthly bill would be roughly $55 with my corporate discount.

I received the 6s promptly on 9/25 and returned my iphone 6 to the device recyling program. SHipped on 10/2 and my tracking # indicated it was received at the Verizon TX facility on 10/5.   The submission date of my device recyling is 9/16/2015 with a submission ID of 2130407027 with an appraised value of $348 for an Apple A1549 iPhone 6 64gb in Space Gray.

To date, I have chatted with 3 Verizon agents online and spoken to 1 agent on the phone. Problem Is:  Online, my account still reflects my monthly bill as $92 which is monthly bill amount under the Edge program that includes a device payment.  When I review my Device Information, the website now shows that I owe $200+ for my iPhone 6S which is NOT even on the device payment program.  AND, I'm still waiting for my $348 gift card for the iphone 6 that I returned in new condition of which I have nothing to show for it other than my delivered tracking #.   Each agent tells me the problem has been taken care of and that I'll receive emails, blah blah blah. But here it is a month later and my bill due 11/14/15 is my old billing amount of which i WILL NOT pay until this is resolved.

I've been told that the information is correct in your computer system on your end, and that the website is reflecting wrong information.  This is unacceptable for an organization of your magnitude.  A technological company such as yourself should be able to show me the correct information on My Verizon website.

What I Need: 

1. Fix my online information to reflect my new billing amount under a fixed plan and not a device payment plan

2. Remove the device payment on my iphone 6s - this is completely bogus and inaccurate

3. Send me my $348 Verizon gift card immediately

If this does not get fixed in the next 7 business days, I will be sending a request to terminate my service with Verizon as a very dissatisfied customer. 


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Re: Dissatisfied with Device Recycling Program

I would write BBB this way the Verizon executive office will fixed the issue faster. Then if they can not resolve your issue then take the next step.

Re: Dissatisfied with Device Recycling Program
Customer Support


Getting a new iPhone is supposed to be a fun and exciting process! I am saddened to hear of the concerns over the trade in process. We would be happy to review your account and get this resolved. Please respond to the private message I am sending so I can access your account.

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Re: Dissatisfied with Device Recycling Program

I responded to your private message but have not heard anything in return. Can you please help me understand why my account is inaccurate and why no one has been able to correct it yet?  This is extremely frustrating from a large organization like yours that this can't be easily resolved.  I appreciate your immediate resolution.

Re: Dissatisfied with Device Recycling Program
Sr. Leader

What plan are you on.  You do realize that if you are on a More Everything or Verizon plan, your access fee goes from $20 to $40?

on these plans, your phone is not $199.  It is really $199 plus $40 upgrade fee, plus $480 increase in access fees over 24 months.  So you really end up paying $719 for the phone, in costs that are not as up front as payment plan.