Do messenger+ customizations transfer to new phone?

I recently started using verizons default messenger on my Galaxy S7 edge. I have gone overboard with custom backgrounds ring and text tone for specific contacts as well as a general custom background and ringtone and text tone. I cleared up space in my cloud so I could back up with Verizon and also use Samsung smart switch. Will my customization show up on the s8± or will I have to manually re do every single step to get my messenger back to the way I like it. I would hope since it's Verizon specific and the same phone line it would be possible to carry over. But im afraid I'll be doing all of this all over again. If I could get a response by tomorrow when I get the phone that would be amazing. 7/11/17

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Re: Do messenger+ customizations transfer to new phone?
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That is a great question! Your settings should transfer so long as the software is up to date and you have recently backed up your device settings.


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