Droid Maxx - HandsFreeLink in 2014 Honda Civic - Text Messages


My wife and I both have Droid Maxx phones that we got on the same day in July 2014.  The Android version is 4.4.4.  The system information is "Motorola X8 Mobile Computing System".  Here's the issue...

We just bought a new 2014 Honda Civic.  Both phones are paired to the car with no issues and both phones are able to make/accept phone calls.  However, text messages only come through on the HandsFreeLink (the screen on the dash) for one of the phones.  For the other phone, it sometimes says that text messaging is not compatible, or it works intermittently.  For example, last week, two texts went through the Bluetooth just fine on that phone, but for the last few days, none have gone through.  They appear on the phone, so the text message function on the phone appears to work.  It's just the Bluetooth connection to the car.  The thing that boggles my mind is how one phone works fine, every time, and the other doesn't, considering they are the exact same phone models.  We are using Verizon. 

Any suggestions as to what could cause this issue and how to fix it?


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I am going to guess here. I have uconnect and I assign each phone on setup a priority. My iPhone is primary, my wife's LG G2 is secondary, the spare iPhone is Third etc.

You may have to see how the devices are prioritized

It could be overlap of those phones. Also I noticed that text/SMS messaging works for her device yet mine is no go. Strange.

I would check with the dealer and see what they say.

Good Luck