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E-mail Text Messaging does not work (AGAIN!!!)

This is a recurrent problem (evidently going back to 2017 or farther)

I am trying to send e-mail text messages in the form of:

nnnnnnnnnn @

nnnnnnnnnn @ 

nnnnnnnnn @ 

All of these have worked in the past, now they all get rejected with an "address not found".  I asked about this at the local Verison store, and never got a call back.

I can send messages through two services - and . Interestingly, Text'em has the message of "We have fixed texting to Verizon Mobile December 5th 2019".

So what is the problem here?  There have been complaints about this for 4 years.

Verizon - please do a definitive fix on what is (at this point) as "ancient" Internet Protocol, and post as FAQ **prominently**!!  (BTW, the dumb "Chat" support dose not recognize "e-mail messaging" or "email messaging".

Re: E-mail Text Messaging does not work (AGAIN!!!)
Sr. Member

It's working because I just used this today.    I sent from an aol address and a Gmail address and both people responded.  Both have a samsung note 10 plus using the Samsung stock messaging app on the phone.

Re: E-mail Text Messaging does not work (AGAIN!!!)

My messaging stopped working about the beginning of April 2021.

My phone sends and receives text messages all the time so it isn't a text messaging problem.

I can use 4 different email addresses from 4 different email providers. All email go through EXCEPT the address that is [myphonenumber] This has worked for many years and there have been no changes for many years.

Based on the following error message, this is a problem with vtext, not the phone or the sending email provider.

All email messages, from any of the 4 different email providers, sent to [myphonenumber] bounce back with the following message:

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of
its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es)

SMTP error from remote server for GREETING command, host: ( reason: 554 cmsmtp ESMTP server not available -

Re: E-mail Text Messaging does not work (AGAIN!!!)
Sr. Member

Very weird, still working fine here.   Are you sending from web based email or using an email program?  

Re: E-mail Text Messaging does not work (AGAIN!!!)

As mentioned, there are tons of post about this theme going back years.

The issue is that Verizon has black-listed some mail servers.

I just sent a message successfully from one mail server. I just sent a message unsuccessfully from another mail server.

I hope that someone at Verizon will be so good as to tell us how you can get your mail server white-listed. The 554 happens immediately on GREETING and is annotated with "POL102". Surely someone knows exactly what this indicates?

The best that I can suggest is either to wait for heck to freeze over or make a burner account on some other mail service to send your SMS.

Re: E-mail Text Messaging does not work (AGAIN!!!)
Sr. Member

Apparently the popular ones, yahoo, Gmail and AOL are fine.  Whatt mail servers are black listed?