Emojis in large text messages (MMS)
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When another Verizon customer using an iPhone 6 sends me longer texts, I can no longer see the emoji in that message using Verizon Messaging. I can only see the emoji in shorter texts. The longer ones just will show a string of jumbled symbols and some x's instead of the picture. Is there any way to remedy this? It doesn't happen with the stock messaging app.  I have already un-installed and reinstalled the application and it is up to date.

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Re: Emojis in large text messages (MMS)
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That is an interesting issue. There is an application you can install on a desktop that lets you check your messages. Can you see if there is the same trouble when you look at a message on your desktop? You can find the app here: http://vz.to/1JyOFMk

Reaching out to the developers is a good route for assistance. If you look up the app on the play store, at the bottom of the listing is their email.