Expired texts on already delivered messages
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Not sure if this is where to ask this, but I've noticed people have had a similar issue as I am having with getting texts about expired messages, but I keep getting these on messages that I know for a fact that have been delivered, and got a response on. The last time this happened was this morning. The delivered messages were from 5/31, got a final text back from the person, then got several texts today about the delivery being expired on those texts that had been delivered, and received a response on.


This isn't the first time this has happened where I've sent a text, person receives said text messages, responds, I get their text, then days later I get texts saying delivery expired. Why does it do this?

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Re: Expired texts on already delivered messages
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Hello Raelinnea! We're sorry to read that you're having trouble with your messages. We'd love to help you correct the error with the expiration. Please tell us more. What app are you using? What's the model of the phone? Does it happen with picture messages as well?