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So what would you recommend for someone who has an unlimited data plan but a limited text plan?  I just created a twitter account and honestly, this thread is confusing.  There's one person who is saying that Facebook/Twitter is data (Shay_j), you're saying it's text.  Do either of you work for Verizon?  Can you point me to a link to a document on the Verizon website that can explain all of this?  I *think* what I'm hearing is that:

  • Tweets are counted as texts if you use the twitter mobile app
  • Tweets are considered data if you use the twitter website
  • Updates that are texted to short codes are texts
  • Notifications are considered texts

So for someone like myself who has unlimited data, I should use the twitter website and NOT the mobile app.  The next alternative would be to use the twitter mobile app and turn off notifications (I think that's possible, but I'm not sure). 

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I think you've got it right.  I used the Twitter text notifications and tweeted using shortcodes because I had unlimited texts and no data plan on my old phone.  If you are using the app, I think that uses data - only the shortcode tweets and notifications use texts, as far as I know.

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I would turn off notifications and use the twitter website just in case. Or you could up to a higher text plan. Not sure what plan you are on now.

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Hi copterPilot,

I love that you're finding the best details on how to avoid any overage charges. You're the kind of customer we love as you want to stay in the know before it's too late. The only charges that are considered text are those that arrive in your messages. If you receive an app notification from the Twitter app, this is not a text message, it's data. If you use the application or web browser, they both use data not text messages. The short code text messages use text messages as you're using messages. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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