Failed MMS 20171 Error

I have trying to send ALL of my contacts to my phone via "Back Up My Contacts" with no luck.  When I select an individual contact it works just fine, but when I select ALL of my contacts I keep getting a "Failed MMS 20171" error that pops up on my screen.  Can anyone please help me out, how do fix this?

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Community Leader

There may be no other way other than to send them one at a time till you find the one that is causing the error.  Seems like t his happened to me (a while back though) and there was something in one of my contacts that was causing the process to glitch.  Once I eliminated that contact, the process worked. I can't recall now what it was about that one contact that caused the error...  I'll post back if I remember.

In the meantime, import one by one, or select a few at a time.  You may find the glitch and the rest will go quickly.

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Hi there Poceanside!

Contacts are so incredibly important and I definitely want you to be able to back them up successfully!

I triple checked all of my available resources and I didn't even find a hint for this particular error message in general.

What type of phone are you using? That may help slim it down.

Thank you SuzyQ for your help as well!

Keep us updated.


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