Feature Request: Message+ Read SMS Messages Out Loud
Enthusiast - Level 1

I like the feature to read SMS message outloud when I am using my hearing aids and the sound is played directly in my ears.  However when they get disconnected from my phone the messages are still read out load and no way to stop them when I am somewhere else that is inconvenient to do that.  I would also like to see the feature have greater control over which message are read.  Such as tagged contacts.  Right now I receive messages from USPS Informed Delivery and Message+ reads them out, including the tracking number as well.  This is very annoying and defeats what I wanted to accomplish by having them read to me (like when driving for example).  Please add more granular control over which messages are read and which are not read.  If you need a tester for the feature as a retired Network Engineer I do hereby volunteer to assist you in getting this feature added.

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