Feature Request for Verizon Message+ (v.6.5.x) - Quick Response
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Verizon Message+ v.6.5.x does not currently have a quick response feature.

I would like to request that this feature be added to Verizon Message+.

Note: This is not the same (but it is similar) to the phone rejection phrases.

The way it would work:

These quick responses would be an editable list of phrases that I can pick from to text to a person whether it be a response to a text or just a common phrase I want to text to a person or group.

Example phrases:

  • I'm leaving work now. See you soon.
  • I'm in a meeting. Will let you know when I am done.
  • I'm on a call. Will contact you soon.
  • Meet me in the break room for coffee?
  • etc.

Since these are "quick" responses, it should be very easy to get to when sending a text since the purpose is to not have to type a long series of characters.


John C.

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