Feature removal complaint (miss-informed by on-line experience)

I went to Verizon's on-line site to add a feature, 4G Mobile Hotspot, on Saturday morning (5/10/14).  When prompted and asked if I wanted assistance by Joy, I mentioned I wanted to add 4g Mobile Hotspot.  Joy responded and asked if I wanted 'free' voice-mail feature, as I was paying $1.99/month for Premium voice-mail storage.  I said I need to keep the same features, with the ability to have 50 saved voice-mails.  Joy assured me that I would maintain the same feature, having up to 50 voice-mail messages.  I asked to be certain, and Joy said yes.  So, I said sure, but I still felt skeptical.  Well, over my weekend trip, I found that my voice-mail box was full, but only had 47 saved messages (business and person purposes).

I called Verizon Support on Monday (5/12/14) and found that indeed Premium voice-mail was removed and the reason for the full voice-mail box.  I think the maximum under the standard 'free' option is 20, but the support person was not certain.  I was also told that the Premium voice-mail feature that I had, is no longer available as a selection option and he would have to request that feature back to me, but it will take several days to even find out.  AND, the only way for me to find out is to come back to my account and check it from time-to-time.

So .... I feel I was miss-informed by Joy and now I my real estate clients cannot save a voice-mail message, unless I delete at least 25 currently saved messages. 

I have always been a big fan of Verizon and have been a customer for many, many years!  However, I'm thinking of dropping my Verizon land-line service, mobile cell service, switching my Verizon DSL service to Cox cable for Internet and TV, (also dumping DirecTV). 

Randall (the very frustrated Verizon customer).

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